The Walking Dead

Choose one of the characters and see if you can survive the zombies and plague

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Based on the hit comic book and television series bearing the same name, The Walking Dead, a survival-horror video game, captures all the suspense and drama of its precursors while weaving their best elements into an award-winning game. Game developer Telltale holds true to the post-apocalyptic, zombie-filled narrative in its video game take on The Walking Dead series. Set in the same world as the comic books and television show, the game creates its own cast of survivors and does an incredible job of making you fall in love with its characters.

Character and Story

Telltale has received rave reviews for the company's character and story developments in The Walking Dead. The cast is a motley bunch with each character bearing a unique background and intriguing story. The drama that unfolds as the group works to fend off zombies and ration supplies keeps you engaged and occasionally terrified from the very beginning of the game until its final chapter.


The Walking Dead is a point-and-click adventure game that focuses more on your problem-solving skills than your reflexes. You'll be tasked with making difficult choices, that can result in the harm or even death of characters you've learned to love. Sensitive players quickly learn that no one wears plot armor in this game version of the zombie-filled world.

Guide your character around using your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard. You take on the role of one of the survivors and interact with your comrades by selecting chains of dialogue. Finding the right thing to say isn't always easy, and a timer makes it more challenging; your character will remain silent if you don't select a response in time, and silence isn't always the best option. Other characters remember your choices, and the story evolves based on the decisions you make.

Art and Sound

The game's sketch-like art style is an homage to the comic book series and melds well with Telltale's aesthetic. The models and landscapes are beautifully rendered while the character art draws you into the cast's lives. The game's overall presentation contrasts the serene beauty of the Georgia countryside with the horrific new reality your character now faces. An impressive soundtrack haunts you with the sounds of lurking zombies.

The Verdict

This is a survival horror game that speaks to your humanity in the plainest form, and the conversation deepens and increases in complexity quickly. It tests your morals and asks you to stand by your philosophies. The Walking Dead is a game anyone, even people won't don't normally play video games, can enjoy; however, sensitive players and kids may find its subject matter a little strong.


  • Award-winning story and complex characters
  • Beautiful graphics and sound
  • Accessible gameplay


  • The controls fall a touch shy of perfection on occasion

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